Top Cars that Impress Your Business Partner

You know what they say about the importance of first impressions – and a good first impression is perhaps most important when it comes to developing business arrangements. Just think about it for a second, would someone be more willing to do business with a clean-cut, sharply dressed, fine spoken individual or someone who looks like they’ve just woken up after a long night of partying? The answer is obvious – and that’s why first impressions in the business world are so crucial. But making a first impression goes beyond just appearance – it also extends to accessories, such as cars.

That’s right, the car that you drive can do a lot for your business relationships. It’s obvious that any car you drive should be nicely detailed, clean and in good working order, but have you really taken the time to consider what some of the top cars for making a good impression with existing and potential business partners may be? We have, so we’ve broken it down here for you. Take a look:

Cars to Impress Your Business Partner

  • BMW 7-Series: When it comes to making a business impression, we’d advise staying away from full-blown sports cars. While cool and fast, they don’t really scream “let’s make a deal.” They scream more of getting a ticket and having to take a defensive driving course to have it not go toward your record. But the BMW 7-Series has a lot of sport in it, part of the reason why it’s been dubbed as “the ultimate driving machine.” In addition to its sportiness and fun driving style, it’s also high on comfort and luxury. So if you’re wondering, “What kind of car should I get,” this may be the one!

  • Audi A8: When you think foreign luxury, BMW and Mercedes-Benz likely come to mind. And while those automakers can produce some fine luxury sedans, be sure not to overlook Audi. Take the A8 for instance, Audi’s most highly-regarded luxury sedan. It’s sleek, luxurious and offers some serious power under the hood.

  • Tesla Model S: If you’re an executive out on the West Coast, then it would probably make a lot of sense to pick up a Tesla Model S. Not only is the automaker firmly planted in California’s tech industry, but the Model S is one highly fashionable automobile. For starters, it’s considered an electric luxury vehicle – so you’re combining eco friendliness with style and comfort. Secondly, it can go 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds. It’s great for taking your partners out around the city or for joy riding up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

  • Land Rover Range Rover: Is an executive sedan not exactly your cup of tea? Do you prefer a little bit more space and the potential for a bit more rugged of a ride? We’d recommend you upgrade to the Range Rover, a luxury SUV that also gets some fairly favorable fuel economy for a vehicle of its size.

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Like BMW and Audi, Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with executive-style vehicles – and this is perhaps best personified in its C-Class of vehicles. It’s a four-door sedan that screams luxury. And, all your partner will have to do is recognize the iconic Mercedes-Benz logo on the front spoiler to be impressed.

Like we said in the opening, making a good first impression is perhaps more important in the business world than in any other walk of life. It’s how networking takes off into serious conversation, how associates become full-blown partners. But it’s not just important to pay attention to your appearance and your wardrobe, but what you get behind the wheel of as well. Any of the selections on this list are sure to make a great impression.

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