Know how to protect your rights after meeting with a pedestrian accident

Walking offers several benefits and there’s nothing better than a brisk walk. There are many who love to take a stroll in order to dream about various things and there are others who walk as a part of their daily workout routine. Nevertheless, it is not always safe to walk. 


As a personal injury attorney in Winchester will tell you, sometimes it can be as drastic as driving a car. Hence it is vital for a pedestrian to stay alert about the possible hazards. Special focus needs to be given to inattentive drivers or drunk drivers who end up in car crashes. 


4 Steps to take after a pedestrian meets with an accident


It is indeed a tragic experience when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. The person not just sustains injuries but this also leads to psychological or emotional issues most of the time. In fact, in most such cases, the victim has to take some time off from office and this can even lead to fiscal hardships. 


Most often it is seen that the pedestrians who are hit by vehicles are left unconscious but in case you remain conscious, you are supposed to take few immediate steps. What are they? Read on to know about them. 


Step #1: Seek for medical assistance


When you fall unconscious due to the crash with a vehicle, it is the responsibility for the driver of the vehicle to take you to a doctor for the immediate medical support. However, if you are conscious, it is your responsibility to get medical attention. Due to the emotional and physical shock you went through, you might give a clouded judgment but still it is imperative you meet a doctor.


Step #2: Keep a document of your injuries


If you want to fight for your rights, you have to keep a document of all your injuries. Click photos of the body parts that are injured, that are in pain, and those that have visual injuries. If your clothes are torn, you can also keep a photograph of that as well. Check if there is any blood in any part of your body.


Step #3: Stay away from discussing anything with anyone


Another most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t discuss anything with anyone. Irrespective of the facts of the accident, it is most likely that you’re not aware of the pedestrian accident laws. So, anything you say on the accident spot might backfire you later during legal proceedings. 


Step #4: Call the police


Try to keep some mental notes of the events that led to the accident. Later on, you might not remain in a mental state where you can remember every single detail. This is why you should instantly call the police so that he can document everything and relate it to the insurance company. Without the right documents, you won’t be able to file a claim. 


So, in case of a pedestrian accident, make sure you follow the above mentioned steps soon after the crash so as to be able to fight for your legal rights. 


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