Weirdest Restaurants Around the World

“Adventurous eating” and “dinner with a view” will mean something else to you, after you check the weirdest restaurants all around the world. From a restaurant made of ice to an underwater restaurant, these unusual restaurants will steal your hearts. People come to these quirky restaurants for the atmosphere, but they stay for the food…

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

You won’t need a waterproof mobile phone to take pictures when you’re at this unique place. Rangali Island Resort is a luxurious and intimate underwater restaurant, which is located at the Conrad Maldives. Found more than 16 feet below sea level, this restaurant was opened in 2005. Its menu proposes delicacies like fresh sea food, veal, beef rid eye and other dishes. Built with a transparent acrylic roof, this location lets its visitors enjoy a 270-degree panoramic view of the water creatures living in the waters of Maldives.

Ninja New York, USA

Ninja Restaurant has been described as a dreary buried maze which gives you a Japanese food experience. Indeed, this restaurant which offers great food and a good atmosphere, is one of a kind. Whenever you book a table at this location, you will be dining with the warriors. In fact, the waiters are dressed as Japanese warriors and they perform elaborated tricks, while the sushi is being served. The restaurant itself has been designed like a 15-century Japanese old village which is dark and full of passageways. The menu itself is all about Japan with food set labelled as Yukimura set, Sarutobi set and Sanada set. The top dessert of this establishment is Ice Cream which will remind you of Sugar Train slots, playable at Booty Bingo. This online slots is themed on sweetness and the many symbols it features are Lollipop, Gummy Bears, Cupcakes and Sweets! You can plunge into a sweet escape while you play this 25 paylines slot at Booty Bingo.

Cat Café Nekorobi, Japan

If you are a cat lover, then this café is the best place you could ever visit! This unusual coffee shop is loaded with happiness and fluffiness. Nekorobi is a cat café found in the district of Ikebukuro where you can spend hours with your feline friends. Clients enter the café where cars are sprawling and prowling out. In this café, you have to serve yourself; you will see various drink dispensers which offer coffee, green tea, milk tea or miso soup, and you make your choice. You can visit this shop in the evening where you will see the kitties being fed in glass bowls, around a floor lamp. For kitty lovers, this place is simply heaven!

O.Noir, Canada

The term ‘blind date’ takes a new spin at this restaurant! The concept of dining in the dark is not a new one, but it was first established in Canada in 2006. O.Noir was first opened in Montreal, before being launched in Toronto in 2009. The concept of this restaurant is to amplify the diner’s enjoyment while the sight is cut off, heightening all other senses. The only rule of this dining area is that cellphones, flashlights and watches are strictly prohibited. First, you enter in a dimly lit area where you place your order, then you are taken to the unlit-dark room, where the two hours service behind. Don’t worry, the waiters explain where each food item has been placed!

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