Top Tips for Businesses Resuming Operations After The Easing Of Lockdown

After weeks of uncertainty due to the lockdown restrictions, governments are slowly starting to ease lockdown restrictions for the majority of industries now as it is time to get the economy back on track. The map on how businesses succeed after this pandemic isn’t clear and will be difficult for most to readjust with finances being at a premium; we look at some tips for businesses to resume in the best capacity after this time of uncertainty.


Whilst many businesses will be looking to return to ‘business as usual’, it is important to remember the reason for the lockdown in the first place and that was to protect life so the priority when returning must always be the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and customers. Tips for making them feel comfortable when returning to work would be to seen to put social distancing in place, hand sanitizer scattered throughout the building and offering PPE to employees.


PPE has been one of the booming industries during the height of the lockdown due to the increased demand for it and has therefore seen record number of sales. Other industries that have benefitted from the lockdown have been online services such as gambling and casino sites. Even though betting markets have been down during lockdown due to limited live sporting events being on, punters have found alternative ways to get their fix through the like of virtual betting and Esports, especially at betting sites not on Gamstop. Even now with the reintroduction of sporting events, these types of trends aren’t predicted to slow down.


Coronavirus certainly has changed the way we look at the world forever, and this isn’t any different with business. In planning for employees to return to work, businesses must ensure that they have reviews all risk assessments prior to anyone returning to work as many procedures will have changed for good due to the pandemic. Bosses must then take any necessary action to limit the chance of the risk of infection but as well as identify and be able to control any new risks that could have arisen during lockdown.


In summary, the main tips we would advise the following tips to ensure that work can starting to return to normal again using a phased return to work with staff being brought back in appropriate sized waves, the introduction of social distancing to be practised religiously throughout and limit the use of shared equipment. All of these simple steps can ensure they the health, safety and well-being of everyone that comes into contact with your business is safe.

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