Top Business Travel Tips

You’re a very important business person. There’s too much stress in your life, such as you not holding a latte in your hand right now. You’re going on a very important business trip to another state, and you don’t even know where to begin when preparing for your adventure.

We’re about to eliminate just one more stress factor in your life, because if there’s one thing the very best traffic school can teach you, it’s how to be prepared. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab a pen for notes, because we’re giving you the best business travel tips for the business traveler.

Make a List

Prepare a list of everything you need to pack, where you need to be, and when you need to eat. It might seem silly to plan out your entire day in an organized list, but when you’re traveling, even if it’s not for one of many unknown cheap California vacations, you don’t have time to keep it all in your head.

Take a pause before you rush out the door to review your list and evaluate your plan of action. Doing so will allow you to take your time and coast through the day, because you won’t be worrying about forgetting anything. Leave that for your list to remember!

Minimize Your Luggage

When traveling, pack light! You don’t need to bring your entire closet with you on a plane. There’s no way it’ll fit underneath the seat in front you! Instead, pick out a few articles of clothing that you can mix and match to form a finite number of outfits.

This will free up room in your luggage, so you can spend less time waiting at the carousel and more time breezing through lines and cluttered groups of people. If you only bring carry-on luggage with you, then you’re a true business traveler.

Bring Chargers

Worst case scenario is waiting at the airport without your phone, tablet, or laptop charged. You will be on the go all day, answering emails, phone calls, and responding to texts. It’s a necessity for a mobile office. Prepare the night before your trip by giving your devices some juice.

While you’re traveling, bring chargers for your electronics. That way you’re not the person who has to wait for their flight by reading a book or making small talk with strangers. What is this? The 1980’s!?

Dress to Impress

Whether it’s impressing TSA, airport staff, or the Lyft driver who drove you to the airport, if dress sharp and you’ll stay sharp. Wearing a business suit or dressing in black will add psychological benefits while traveling. It’s like a knight in their suit of armor, but instead it’s just your Hugo Boss suit jacket.

If you’re dressed well, then you’ll feel on top of the chaos and surprises you encounter on your trip. Nothing says, “I got this” more than a fine, wrinkle free suit on anyone.

Get Rewards for Traveling

Sign up for rewards and points program before you travel. You’ll receive gifts, flying coverage, and more for just doing your job. It’s the best way to passively receive rewards while you’re clocking in the big bucks.

Do your research in the right flying rewards programs that suits you. When you find the right one, you’ll be able to earn for every mile you fly.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Remember to eat well on your trip. Prepare meals the night before, pack small snacks, or learn how to scope out the airports for the right healthy foods. When you eat well, you’ll have the necessary energy to tackle your long day of traveling.

Your health is important while flying, and if your immune system isn’t in tip-top shape, you could get one of the notorious airline sicknesses. So, while you’re packing your chargers, remember to toss in some collard greens or peanuts so you can munch and go while you wait on TSA.

By following this list, you’ll be able to tackle anything the skies throw at you. Unless it’s the middle seat. Nothing can prepare you for the dreadful middle seat on an airplane.

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