We are often distracted while walking by an activity or by thinking about some personal issue. When our attention is divided, it often results in a slip, trip or fall. Mostly this occurs on staircases, on ice or even on slippery surfaces.

In most industries, slip, trip and fall accidents make up the majority of general accidents. It is estimated that in the United States alone, these accidents leave nearly 50,000 workers injured. Being such a huge number, it is important for us to look at what really causes these accidents.

What causes slips, trips and falls?

During a slip accident, there is little friction between the footwear and the surface on which one is walking. This is normally due to the following factors:

–    Bad weather

–    Wet or slick surfaces

–    Free, unanchored floor coverings or mats

–    Flooring and other surfaces that don’t have the same level of footing in all zones

Trips occur when your foot hits an object while walking, resulting in an imbalance and eventually leading to a fall. Tripping is caused by the following:

-Poor lighting

-Messy floors

-Wrinkled carpets

-Exposed points in between carpet, tiles, etc.

-Base drawers not being shut

-Uneven (steps, edges) strolling surfaces

-Obstructed view

-… Among many other things

How to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents

–    Ensure good housekeeping

Good housekeeping involves activities such as cleaning spills, removing obstacles from walkways, covering cables crossing paths and many other such activities. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, homeowners, business owners and others put visitors at risk of injury and themselves at risk of a lawsuit.

–    Changing and modifying the floor

Walking surfaces should be modified to prevent trips and falls by putting down mats, replacing floors and using an abrasive coating on metal surfaces. Just like it has been said above, maintaining and repairing the floor will only be effective if good housekeeping practices are in place to ensure the floor is kept clean.

  • Changing footwear

Footwear is another determining factor to be considered, especially if you want to prevent slips. With oily or wet floors, you ought to select the best footwear with good treads to prevent slips and falls. Proper footwear has also been seen to reduce foot fatigue on many employees, thus reducing foot-dragging and in turn promoting their safety.

What to do after a slip, trip and fall accident

Seek medical support

If you feel you are seriously hurt, make sure you get medical attention right away. Also, keep your health records well; they can be important if you are going to file a case for the accident.

If possible, take pictures

Photograph the place where you fell. This can be used to show that the party responsible was negligent in cleaning or maintenance of the area, which led to your injuries.

Look for a witness

If there were people around, use them to prove your case. This will increase the evidence that you have at hand.

Get an attorney

Legal advice from a lawyer dealing with slips, trips and falls can help you protect your rights and pursue compensation from an insurance company. A slip, trip and fall lawyer is the best choice because they have more experience in the field than the general lawyers.

Slips, trips and falls can occur at any time. Therefore, always make safety your priority in your workplace.

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