Should Your Business Be Investing in PPC Services?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is here to stay, and investment in PPC services is booming. The question may therefore be not whether your business should be investing in PPC services, but when and how much. Here we look at PPC, what it can produce, and the likely returns on your investment (ROI) from PPC. If you’re thinking of investing in PPC, then read on before you do.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) produces more organic growth in terms of marketing. But if you need a more targeted ad, then perhaps PPC is right for your business. Studies have shown that the majority of clicks actually go to the top four search results produced by the various search engines. Coming top of the search rankings list is clearly important.

PPC offers quicker returns whereas SEO needs time to produce results. The other benefit is PCC doesn’t need to be constantly managed as it isn’t affected by changes in the algorithms that the search engines use. SEO needs constant monitoring and updating.


PPC is definitely focused advertising and quick to set up. Your ad can be in front of potential customers almost immediately. Because most things are now found via search engines, it can ensure that your ad can be seen by the right people at the right time.


PPC is monitored and controlled by you in terms of overall spend and effectiveness. You can easily monitor and control your budget and see how many clicks are converted once they hit your landing page. An important note is that you are only paying for traffic to get to your site. What happens once people arrive is all about the quality and ease of navigation on your site. Up to 60% of carts are abandoned before the checkout so you need your site to be as user-friendly and competitive as possible. Otherwise PPC may be an expense that provides few results. Clicks are one thing, customers are another.


Recently a fourth ad placement was added at the top of Google searches, pushing organic results even further down the page. It is clear that the search engines have truly embraced PPC and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Beyond Search

PPC also works away from search engines. There is the ability to strategically place targeted ads on relevant sites with display advertising.

Having read what PPC services can offer your business, it is hard to argue against them. These services can make sure your PPC campaign is focused correctly, is using PPC placements on the optimal sites, and that your results data is interpreted properly to improve your future results. (Learn more at

Once the PPC brings increased web traffic your way, you must be properly prepared. Generating traffic to your own website is great, but only if your site is ready. Poor conversion rates will mean that the ROI of PPC is reduced.

Your site needs to deal with each visit, from the page that they land on, through the navigation of the rest of the site, and eventually to the checkout. Paying for a click is only worthwhile if you are able to do something with the subsequent interest. If your site is ready and you don’t want to wait for the more organic SEO produced interest, then maybe PPC services are right for your business. The time to invest in PPC may just have arrived.

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