How The Global Pandemic Has Affected The Gambling World

For months now, the world’s population has been in lockdown and waiting for the end of the one of the world’s worst global pandemics on record. The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has affected virtually every business and industry across the board, and that doesn’t stop with the gambling industry.




The main way in which the gambling industry has been affected is that high-street bookies and casinos have had to close their doors all together which has of course affected companies and employees with many being placed on the furlough scheme. Moreover, it hasn’t just affected the smaller operators, in fact William Hill have only just recently announced that they are closing 119 high street betting shops which is astonishing for such a big bookie.



However, experts are now reporting that more people than ever are playing online casinos games, a huge surge in numbers mainly during the height of the lockdown with many punters finding it difficult to find alternative methods of entertainment. With sports betting being down due to the limited amount of live sport on due to social distancing rules, many sports betters have been using online casinos when looking at Best Casinos. The UK Gambling Commission actually reported that online slots and poker participation were up from 25% to 38% during 2020 Q2.


During the lockdown, the gambling industry did do an act of kindness for the NHS by presenting a Virtual Grand National with all proceeds going to the NHS. Turns out that over 5 million people tuned in to watch the Virtual Grand National with over £3million raised for the NHS and our front line fighting the virus.


Although this seems a fairly innocent and nice gesture back to the NHS workers for all their hard work, there were growing suspicions that that this event was used to ploy and market the virtual sports and gambling sector of the industry,  one that was thriving through the pandemic due to its 24/7 service.

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