Hotel or Resort: The Main Differences of the Two

Oftentimes, travelers and vacationers need a place to stay in for either a couple of days or even just for a night. Hotels and resorts are usually where to turn to, as both have the facilities that can provide lodging.

No matter which group you belong to, it would be best to know the differences between a hotel and a resort to know which of the two perfectly fits your needs.

Here are some differences of a resort and a hotel:

  1. Setting/Location

Hotels and resorts are very different when it comes to the location and the amount of land they occupy. Resorts are typically near a natural environment. They are usually near a beach and on a large amount of property.

Meanwhile, hotels are often located on main roads. Usually, they are near the airport. Most hotels are also built within the city to make it easily accessible by travelers. Mostly, it also has just enough space for the building and the parking lot.

  1. Amenities and Activities

The amenities and activities offered inside vary remarkably between hotels and resorts. Hotels prioritize the quality and the number of rooms it can offer, so most of it doesn’t have much room for activities. Although some hotels now offer amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, small fitness rooms, and business centers, most hotels barely offer much else than rooms.

Resorts, however, do not put the number of rooms it can offer at the top of its list of priorities. That’s why resort’s extra spaces are usually designated for different amenities and activities that customers can enjoy during their stay. There is often a vast space for guests to walk on and enjoy the view it provides. Most of the time, it also has restaurants in addition to the room service. There may also be other facilities and luxuries available, such as on-site music and dancing centers, sports events area, and even a spa.

  1. Freebies and Discounts

Another difference between a hotel and resort is the amount and type of freebies and discounts one can offer over the latter. Hotels, in general, give out free newspapers, Wi-Fi access, breakfast or buffets, and free shuttle service to and from an airport.

Resorts, on the other hand, can offer all these and more. Most resorts offer free or discounted tickets or brochures on their amenities. Some even offer discounts to restaurants and eateries within and outside the property.

Final Thoughts

Now that the differences of a hotel and a resort have been enumerated, knowing your purpose for staying in either site would definitely help out further in choosing between the two. If you would need to travel around the city and move from one place to another in a couple of days’ time, a hotel is surely what you would need. Nevertheless, if it’s a vacation you’re looking for, or you just need some time either for yourself or with family, searching for the best resort rental would be the best choice.

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