Fantastic Themes You Can Try for Your Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas and New Year holiday allows you to make merry with your friends and loved ones. Additionally, it is also a time to share love and joy, especially to those who need it most. Creating a custom Mixbook Christmas photocard is one way you can share in the Christmas spirit.

There isn’t a single rule on how you can create your holiday family photo card. It all depends on how creative you feel in exploring different themes. With that in mind, here are some fantastic ideas you can try out.

Glamour and Shimmer

You can opt to revamp your Christmas look away from the traditional colors. How does a formal look sound for you? A complete suit and tie look. To top it up, add some shine on the top of your photo card. Alternatively, you can opt to wear glittering silver from head to toe. You can give your card more glamour by adding lights, or even the moon and stars background that reflect light in the night.

Be Like Santa

You can never go wrong with a Santa themed look. Make it fun, and dress everyone up, even the toddlers and your pets. Think of a complete Santa look with the matching trousers and jackets. Not to forget, the white mustache and a red hat. Alternatively, you can also choose to have a pajama themed look and don it with the Santa hats.

Capture the moment with goofy faces, or in the kitchen making a snack or meal together. Having you and your kids making cookies is a classic that never goes old.

Traditional Red and Green

Another fancy theme is having dashes of green and red in your photo. On the other hand, you can also choose to wear matching clothes in red and green. Wearing red socks as a family is a fresh portrait to have on the holiday photo card.

Christmas Tree

Christmas isn’t complete without decorating a Christmas tree. You can gather your family together as you decorate a Christmas tree with lights and decorating balls. You can also arrange your boxes next to the tree. Another beautiful shot can also include receiving and unboxing your gifts together.

Snowy White

The Christmas season goes hand-in-hand with the snow. You can choose to have a photoshoot in the snow with a giant snowman in the background. Alternatively, you can also take shots on the farm between snow trees.

Matching outfits as a family is an absolute win when creating the holiday photo card. Plus, you can decide the portrait to use on your photo cards for the festive season. You can also choose to have an unpredictable background, like wearing Santa hats on the beach.

Before settling on the best theme you prefer, you can play around with different designs. Additionally, find various inspirational sources that will help you pull off a festive family look without too much hassle. Christmas comes once annually- own the moment and make the most out of it!


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