Are you sure about the questions to ask a PI lawyer before hiring him?

No, personal injuries are not always a grave issue, and hence it makes sense when you give in some effort while choosing to work with some kind of legal representation. Accident victims usually shop around until they find the right fit for their case. They need to ask the right questions to the personal injury attorney before hiring them. 


In case you are thinking of hiring a Eugene personal injury attorney, you should be sure about the few questions that you need to ask him in order to understand whether or not he is the best fit for your case. 



  • How much do you charge for your services?



 The majority of personal injury lawyers work on the basis of contingency fees.  This means that the lawyer is not supposed to get any money until he helps you recover the damage in your lawsuit. Once you recoup your financial damages,  your lawyer is supposed to take away a percentage of the reward money, which is usually 25% to 40%. Don’t fall for an attorney who tells you he’ll charge 25% contingency fees as he might not even be qualified properly to handle your personal injury case.



  • In case I don’t win the case,  can I be held responsible for any costs?



There are some personal injury attorneys who charge you for different case-related expenses apart from the contingency fees. So, before you hire your injury lawyer you should ask him who will be held responsible for these costs in case you don’t win the lawsuit.



  • Do you have experience in handling injury cases that are similar to mine?



Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that the personal injury lawyer has definitely handled a case that is similar to yours in nature.  You should separately ask each lawyer about his personal experiences and the consequences of the cases.  In case you have been involved in a slip and fall accident case,  would you make the mistake of hiring a personal injury lawyer who has only dealt with car accident cases?  So, be sure about his experience before appointing him.



  • Do you have enough time to devote to my personal injury case?



 There are several lawyers that take on multiple cases for the sake of money while they don’t have enough time to devote to each case.  So you should ask each personal injury lawyer about the total time he can devote towards your case. Emphasize the fact that you are in a hurry to achieve the result of your lawsuit.



  • What is the worth of my case?



 Any personal injury lawyer should have a clear idea about the worth of your case. At least,  he should be able to explain the different factors like liability, discovery, and already existing medical concerns that can have an impact on the verdict of the settlement. Stay away from personal injury lawyers who give you unrealistic estimates. 



  • Who is going to handle my personal injury case?



Make sure you ask who will handle the different aspects of your personal injury case.  There are many personal injury companies that send their senior partners to talk to potential clients who are never again seen later on during the process.  so you have to ask who will handle your case.  If you find the junior lawyers being sent to you,  have a talk with the person you spoke to during the interview. 


Therefore now that you know the necessary questions to ask before appointing a personal injury lawyer,  what are you waiting for?  Get recommendations from your friends and family,  ask the above-listed questions,  and hire the best lawyer for your case. 

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