5 Ways to Entertain Business Clients on a Budget

Everyone knows that success in business is all about relationships. There’s the age old adage that it’s not what you know but who you know that makes all the difference. Yet it goes even a step further than that. It’s not just who you know, but how well you know someone that guarantees future collaboration and success. People want to work with their friends. No one wants to be stuck with someone they don’t particularly like. That’s why sports agents spend tens of thousands of dollars wining and dining potential clients. They want to show them the good life that’s available, but even more important is getting together and creating some fun memories. It’s laying the ground work for a collaborative friendship, and that’s what will have people do business with you over and over again and recommend you to others. Of course not everyone has those sort of star-studded expense accounts at their disposal. But you’ve still got to get the job done. Here are five ways to entertain business clients on a budget.

The business dinner is as old as capitalism itself. A good meal, some casual conversation and a bit of wine always seems the pave the way to deals being struck and partnerships consummated. But without a bit of management the expenditures can get seriously out of hand. Don’t be afraid to have a business dinner, but make sure you are the one making the reservations. With today’s social apps at your disposal you should have no problem finding a great place to eat out that meets your budgetary constraints. And you might be able to find a daily deals site offering discounts that help you trim the bill as well.

If you’re a freelancer or run your own small business even that sort of dinner might be out of your price range. So instead of something that formal, invite your clients out to happy hour. You’re guaranteed to find a great pub or restaurant offering deep discounts during the evening hours. It’s often food off of the same menu, and all of the drinks will be cheaper. Many fantastic business arrangements have come together over the fun, relaxed and casual happy hour at the local watering hole, and no one will care that you’re saving some money.

Clients coming into a big city from out of town want to be shown a good time. If you live in a major artistic hub like New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas a live show is often at the top of their list. But a show plus dinner and drinks could well blow your entire month’s entertainment budget. Instead of panicking, simply use the resources available. You should be able to find several websites that offer discount tickets to sporting events, live shows, concerts and comedy nights. Many of them might be as cheap as two-for-one on tickets. A couple hours of research should give you plenty of options.

Perhaps any event at night is simply too steep for your current situation. In that case, flip things around and take them out in the morning instead. What’s great about a business breakfast is plain to see. Almost everyone loves breakfast food, and you should find some incredible restaurants that do it differently than other places. The menu is far less expensive, and chances are the bill won’t be built up with a bunch of alcohol charges. Try to find somewhere with incredible views or top notch service, so your client still feels pampered.

To really connect with a business client there are times you’ll have to go out and get a little crazy. So feel free to phone that┬áparty bus rental in CT, just as long as you’re not planning on heading to some fancy gentleman’s club for bottle service. Instead, rent out a karaoke room for a couple of hours. You can set up an open bar with just a couple of options, and karaoke costs will always be drastically lower than what you’ll find at a nightclub. It’s a great way to get everyone loosened up as well.

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