4 Types of Animation to Consider for Your Next Marketing Video

With the world of digital media now taking its toll on small businesses, it’s becoming increasingly popular to market a brand with video animation. While not the cheapest form of marketing, it’s still one to consider for both small and large businesses looking to gain an edge over their competitors. When choosing an animation company like Spiel Creative to undertake your project, it’s first best to acknowledge the different forms of animation so you can best choose one that suits the needs of your marketing ploy. Let’s take a look at some of the options on offer.

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2D Animation

2D animation is one of the most popular forms of animation within video marketing because it’s easy to get a message across to the end user. 2D animation has long been a player in the marketing industry and, although it’s an uncomplicated animation procedure, it still offers a marketing method that’s attractive and perfect for social media marketing methods. By taking advantage of flat designs and illustrations, animation companies can produce videos that offer excellent marketing prospects for small to medium sized businesses wanting to get their foot in the door.

Useful for: small businesses looking for an affordable animation video to market an uncomplicated product.

3D Animation

3D animation is steps ahead of 2D animation procedures. It takes illustrations and images to the next level by creating a 3-dimensional animation video that adds a certain human touch. This method is used by companies looking for a marketing method that can take products and services to the next level.

Useful for: businesses looking to add a human touch to their animations so they can better their marketing efforts when it comes to promoting a hard to understand product or service.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation has gained more popularity in recent years because of its ease of getting the message across to different audiences. It’s clear that consumers pay much more attention to animation than written content, so opting for a whiteboard animation could well be the answer to your marketing efforts. A whiteboard animation is based on a story which is then based off a storyboard of different characters and illustrations. Combined together, you’re going to get an animation that provides a clear and concise message to your demographics.

Useful for: those looking to promote a product in an entertaining and attractive manner. This animation method is usually taken advantage of by bigger businesses who have bigger budgets for their marketing ventures.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation typically combines real photographs and live objects to create an animation. Using a cinematographic technique, the camera is carefully placed at a specific angle and records an animation while pausing and starting. This effectively uses live objects to create an animation, and is one of the oldest animation techniques out there. It takes a lot of effort to create stop-motion animations, so the cost isn’t for the fainthearted. However, it’s almost guaranteed to grab your consumers attention so you can quickly get your message across.

Useful for: This animation method provides an excellent way for the likes of photographers, interior designers, and architects to showcase some of their work by combing live objects and excellent videography skills.

Of course, there’s nothing to suggest that animation would suit your marketing efforts but instead, real videography has been known to work for some businesses. However, if you’re looking to get your message across in a subtle but meaningful way, you should consider one of the above animation video methods to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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