3 Questions Answered About Commercial Gas Safety Records

If you are a landlord or you run a business from commercial premises in London you need to be aware of gas regulations as they relate to the safety and efficiency of gas appliances. If you have a gas appliance serviced or repaired, or you install a gas appliance, there are various documents that you need to produce following the work. Find out more about commercial gas safety records in London.

1. What Documentation Should a Gas Engineer Supply After a Repair?

The type of documentation that Commercial Gas services London engineers need to supply depends on the type of work carried out. The only legal requirement is for a Landlord Gas Safety Record if you are the landlord of the property where the appliance is being tested or repaired. This is because it is the legal duty of the owner of a property which it rented out to complete annual safety checks on gas appliances. The safety checks should be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer in London and then the results of the checks are entered into the Landlord Gas Safety Record form.

2. What Information Is On a Landlord Gas Safety Record?

The minimum amount of information that a Landlord Gas Safety Record must contain is a description of the appliance and the location of the appliance that is being checked, the date of the check, the name and signature of the engineer carrying out the check, the address of the property, the address of the landlord, any detail about the type of safety problem identified and any action that was taken to correct it, and confirmation that the appliance has since been tested as safe. Some forms may also include detail about the safety checks carried out on the pipework since this is also a landlord’s responsibility.

3. What is the Documentation Required for Non-Landlords?

There is not normally a legal requirement for any documentation to be provided if you are not a landlord and you are having gas appliances tested or repaired. There should be a record of what has been done on the property, but check with the engineer as to exactly what it will look like as this is important for your records.

If you run a commercial premises or you are a landlord it is important to get your gas appliances regularly inspected by a Gas Safe engineer. The Gas Safe engineer can carry out appliance and heating serving, produce Landlord Gas Safety Records, carry out the installation of boilers and heating, deal with breakdowns, and replace appliances.

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